In 2015, I traveled to Argentina and worked for two months in Tronco on a short film called Oscar.

This film had the particularity of having two distinct styles: one with realistic backgrounds and stylized, flat characters, which would be the reality, and another one more dreamlike and illustrative, which would represent the boy's own world, where he would meet his imaginary friend, the wolf. I was hired to work on the art direction and look development during the pre-production.

These are the two final full CG style frames we agreed on to define each world:



(design of the creature by Nano Benayón)

I've also worked on two animations, the first one to get a first look at how we could integrate a very stylized characters in a realistic/photographic background, and the second to have an idea of how we could achieve the illustrative look we were heading to in 3d animation. The design of the boy is from Tomi Dieguez and the wolf is from Nano Benayón.

You can see the rest of the concept art I made for that project in the 2d section.
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