Contre temps

Contre temps is the graduation film I did at Supinfocom in 2012 with Jérémi Boutelet, Thibaud Clergue, Gaël Mégherbi, Tristan Ménard and Lucas Veber.


My roles on this project were :
Visual development
Matte paintings
Rendering (texturing, shading, lighting)

During the fourth year at Supinfocom, each student has to present a film project. Mine was more about a world than a story : I wanted to do something in an underwater city.

I was selected as a co-author with Thibaud Clergue on this project. During the first months, I worked with Thibaud and Tristan on the conception, the staging and the story itself. After a while, I decided to focus on what I enjoy the most : the visual aspect of the movie. We wanted something really illustrative and stylized, so it took a lot of researches to get something we all liked.

After a few tests, this is the first actual shot I worked on to get the final look of the film.


One of the biggest challenges of that film was the water, and how it would match with the illustrated style of the environments and characters. In order to do so, I had to work simultaneously the shading, lighting and compositing.


You can see the concept art and matte paintings I have made for that film in the 2d section.
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